The modern power-intensifier with pneumatic travel stroke and automatically activated pneumo-hydraulic power stroke.

The typical fields of operations are:

Stanzen - Lochen - Ausklinken - Schneiden

Punching, Perforating Coping, Cutting

Stanzen, Scheren, Ziehen

Punching, Cropping, Drawing

Pressen Richten

Pressing, Aligning Marking

Einbau in Werkzeuge

Integration into tools and production devices

Spot welding, Protection welding




Spannen, Drücken, Verstemmen

Clamping, Pressing, Caulking

The PNEUMO-HYDRAULIC working principle is a combination of the pneumatic and the hydraulic drive systems. Our power-intensifier MULTIPOWER combines the specific advantages of both systems:

PNEUMATIC, with according fast approach and return movement, each with low power.

HYDRAULIC with high power on the short distance of the classical power stroke and thus offering an according high possible energy saving.

Different designs

Applications examples