Diagram, valid for all types and sizes
  • 10-bar-version
  • 8-bar-version
  • 6-bar-version
100 % of the rated force ( F power stroke) at:
  • 10-bar-air pressure
  • 8-bar-air pressure
  • 6-bar-air pressure

Values of forces are approximate values and depend on size of intensifier part and respectively ratio

*) at a maximum air pressure of 9,5 bar   **)  at a maximum air pressure of 7,5 bar   ***) at a maximum air pressure of 5,5 bar

According to the diagram the force in the power stroke, the approach stroke and the return stroke is linear to the input air pressure.

cylinder, 10-bar-version, size G 150 with a power stroke length of 10 mm

that means:

at 10 bar air pressure: 151,8 kN force
at 8 bar air pressure: 15,18 kN force
at 6 bar air pressure: 91,1 kN force